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Sell your boat for cash in 24 hours

If you want to sell your boat for cash quickly then using a boat broker in Sydney like Luxury Marine is a better option compared to trying to sell your boat online or to a dealer.


Our competitive rates & exclusive client base means we know what to sell your boat for to get maximum value quickly. 


Selling your boat for cash is quick, simple and easy & the fastest and best way to sell your boat in Australia.

We are people who buy boats

Many boat owners will try and sell their boat online using websites like Boatsonline, Boatsales, Tradeaboat. Although this isn't the best way to sell your boat quickly. Luxury Marine is a boat broker with the experience and knowledge to prepare your boat correctly & to present it to the right buyers in the market. We are people who buy boats, but also manage everything from inspections to dealing with potential buyers which saves you time and hassle.

What is the fastest way to sell a boat?

The fastest way to sell your boat in Australia is to contact a company that has people who buy boats. That is what Luxury Marine does - we buy boats & pay you cash with super fast settlement. It is the fastest, most convenient way to turn your asset into immediate cash flow. Why waste time waiting for buyers, showing your boat & taking weeks to sell it. We can buy your boat from you within hours. That is how you sell a boat fast in Australia.

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Many boat owners will go to a dealer to try and sell their boat quickly, but this will cost you more money. You won't get the best resale value for selling your boat that way because of the margins they require & you will have to wait to get paid.

A dealer has to manage their current yard stock, margins & manufacturer interests. Instead, a boat broker is independent so that makes it easy when you need to sell your boat fast & get paid quickly.

How do we make it easy to sell your boat?

If you are thinking of upgrading your boat or just want to sell it quickly for cash, we make the whole selling process simple, easy & efficient. You deal directly with our boat brokerage team who manage every step of the process from end to end. This takes all the hassle from figuring out 'where to sell my boat' or 'how much can I get for my boat' or 'how can I sell my boat quickly'

We can handle every aspect to make selling your boat as painless as possible and maximising the sale amount. Here are some of the things we can do;

  • Detailing and cleaning of your boat to get a premium selling value 

  • Free, accurate and realistic market appraisals so you know what it is worth

  • Fixing of any damage or problems e.g. clears, zippers, fittings

  • Up–to-date service and maintenance records 

  • Photography and drone video with a trip by our captains to promote your boat for sale

  • The creation of ads and promotion on relevant boat sales platforms or social media

  • 24/7 customer service for all sales enquiries via phone, email and/or sms

  • Appointments to view the vessel, get the boat ready and show it to potential buyers 

  • Preparation of all sales contracts, agreements and documentation including Government bodies

  • Organising a survey

  • Taking survey inspector and potential purchaser on a sea trial

  • Collection of money owed into a trust account

  • The hand-over of keys and we can teach new owners how to run the boat or insure the vessel

What boat brands and types can we buy?

Luxury Marine is a boat broker that is 100% independent so we can sell any brand or type of boat that is available in Australia. This includes Super Yachts, Motor Boats, Flybridge, Cruisers, Half Cabins, Speed Boats, Sailing vessels, Trailer Boats and even Bowriders.


We handle everyday boats as well as luxury craft from brands such as Riviera, Sunrunner, Sea Ray, Cresta, Bayliner, Sacs, Mustang, Palm Beach, Princess, Horizon, Sunseeker, Wellcraft, Quintrex, Stacer, Sundance

Get a fast cash settlement to sell your boat

Most people who want to sell their boat are also looking for a fast settlement so that the payment arrives in your back account quickly. When we buy used boats we can have the money transferred within a few hours.


We can provide you an obligation free market evaluation of the value of your used boat. With our experience we know exactly what your boat will be worth to sell it quickly.


This is the best way to avoid the hassle of trying to sell it privately, especially if you want to buy another boat locally or interstate. It also means you don't have to tow it somewhere or drive it by water, we can do everything remotely if required.


We can provide a fast valuation of your luxury used boat with cash made nearly immediately.

Get an estimate for what your boat is worth

If you want to quickly find out what your boat is potentially worth you can just give us a call or send us an email to get an estimate. Using our extensive experience in the marine industry we can quickly evaluate the worth of your boat in today's market & by also looking at our waiting list of boat buyers.

While you might be able to get a rough idea by looking at boats listed for sale online, these are 'advertised' prices and may not reflect what your boat is really worth. We take all the guesswork out & by using our expertise you will get an accurate estimate quickly.

What many people don't consider when evaluating the worth of their vessel is the cost related to the time, energy & resources required to sell a boat for the right value. As a leading boat brokerage in Sydney we can not only give you a fast estimate but we will also offer to buy your boat & give you cash paid within 24 hours - how much is that worth to you in terms of less stress, hassle & of course, cashflow?


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